about Hospital


about Hospital


" Come with Piles go with smiles" is our slogan & we have been upgrading ourselves in making it true. We at Ved Speciality Hospital (Gastro) are constantly working on it to make the procedures painless for that we have most advanced Laser, we use Stapler for doing piles surgery ( MIPH ), for small bleeding pile we offer band ligation as OPD or Office procedure.

About 75% of human population suffers from pile at some stage of their life but of them only 5 % to 10% needs surgery.

At Ved we have dedicated our self to following procedures of Proctology

1) Piles (We are one of the best in MIPH, rubber band ligation, Laser treatment)

2) Fissure in Ano (we offer scar less & pain-free closed lateral internal sphincterotomy using scalpel or Laser)

3) Fistula in Ano ( we offer all types of treatment for treating complex Fistula. We have mastered the use of Laser to treat them)

4) Pilonidal sinus

5) Constipation ( 30% of constipation are surgically correctable by STARR surgery)

6) Rectal prolapse. (we have invented a new procedure called "Shukla's procedure" for the treatment & it's highly appreciated across the country)

A word of caution “All bleeding per Rectum are not because of Piles". It needs to be thoroughly investigated. We believe that all our patients are our relatives we try to give humanitarian touch to our treatment.

We aim at touching our patients not only by our hands but by our heart too.

VED stands for Virtues, Ethics, and Dedication.


Our Vision


We are working on the vision to give quality healthcare services. We have appointed experienced staff having rich domain knowledge and medical skills. We are constantly striving to provide quality care to our patients’ at most suitable charges.