Advance Surgery for Piles

For treating third and fourth degree piles or hemorrhoids, we conduct advance surgeries for piles. One of the most popular names is advance “Staple Surgery for Piles” that is done by most experience and knowledgeable medical staff. During Staple Surgery for Piles, specialists use stapler tool to remove the hemorrhoids available inside the stool.

At Vedgastro, we use MIPH surgery and STARR (Stapled Rectal Resection) surgery for treating 2nd to 4th degree of piles. These advance piles surgeries (MIPH surgery and STARR (Stapled Rectal Resection) surgery) are certainly less painful and assuring faster recovery for the patients.

Why to choose us?

  • Most experienced and educated medical staff
  • Sophisticated tools and techniques for advance piles surgery
  • Quality care services at most affordable prices
  • Reachable staff 24*7 and helping too
  • Backed by most experienced staff and specialists, we assure best surgical and non – surgical piles treatment. You must have heard of non-surgical piles treatment too. In this case, we suggest ointment and tablets for patients. The non – surgical techniques are good for treating first degree piles only. In worst conditions, it is better opting advance surgery techniques for piles.

    Staple Surgery for Piles

    We bring most advance range of piles surgery for patients like MIPH for piles, STARR, Staple Surgery for Piles. We have most sophisticated tools and modern machines for treating patients suffering from piles problem.


    Complex Fistula in Ano Surgeries


    MIPH (For Piles)



    Rectal prolapse is a condition in which the rectum (the last part of the large intestine before it exits the anus) loses its normal attachments inside the body, allowing it to telescope out through the anus, thereby turning it “inside out”. While this may be uncomfortable, it rarely results in an emergent medical problem. However, it can be quite embarrassing and often has a significant negative impact on patients’ quality of life.



    Proctology conditions such as hemorrhoids and fistula-in-ano are very prevalent in western societies. Although not life threatening, these conditions are associated with a very poor quality of life and embarrassment. Some treatment options exist with their advantages and disadvantages.


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